Jump In. (or How I Learned To Stop Sleeping And Love The Xbox 360)

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How I got here.

What follows is my recollection of the past few days as I typed it on the plane from LA back to Memphis earlier today:

Day 1: Saturday Nov. 19, 2005 – The Journey Begins

We flew out of Gainesville Airport at 7am, and our original itinerary called for a short layover in Memphis before continuing on to LA. However, when we arrived in Memphis, we learned that our flight to LA had been cancelled. After a lot of confusion on everyones part, we (Daniel and I – Chen, Dave, and Sal had different flights), we were booked on the next flight to LA…which was 6 hours later. So, Daniel and I had 6 hours to kill in the Memphis Airport. After a short search for playing cards (why does nobody sell regular playing cards in the airport?!) we acquired a deck of Elvis playing cards. Now, these were no ordinary playing cards – each card had a different picture of Elvis on them. So, Daniel invented quite possibly the greatest card game ever – ‘Elvis Poker’. Now, the rules of Elvis poker are very similar to 5-card draw, with a slight twist – the wilds. Instead of 2’s or 6’s or whatever, the pictures on the cards determined what was wild. So one hand would have Elvis in a hat as wilds. The next would be Elvis with a dog, or thoughtful Elvis. Just the fact that there are so many random pictures of Elvis made this game an instant classic. Anyways, after that looong layover, we finally get to fly to LA. Oh yeah, and since our flight got canceled and we had to be put in whatever seats were available, I got to fly first class, which was sweet. Continue reading Jump In. (or How I Learned To Stop Sleeping And Love The Xbox 360)