Custom XML Attributes For Your Custom Android Widgets

In the last part of my Custom UI Tutorial, commenter Knut asked:

Is there an easy way to declare the listener in XML (similar to the android:onClick=”onMyButtonClick” in the stock controls)?

This is a great question, and in answering his question, I’ll go ahead and show you how to create other custom attributes you can put in the XML for your custom widgets. The goal will be something like this in your layouts:

	<!-- ...more stuff here... -->

We have a custom View called MyCustomWidget, and along with the standard android: attributes, we have a few of our own: myText="Something", fancyColors="true", and onAction="doSomething". Presumably, these would map to attributes we already have for our custom widget which we could set in code, but we want a shortcut to set them from XML.
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