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Introducing FuelTrack for Android

I just launched my first (official) app in the Android market – FuelTrack! Basically, it’s an app that tracks your fuel purchases and uses that data to give you lots of information about your fuel consumption, spending, and efficiency! There are plenty of details and more information on the apps page, so check it out!

Europe Photos Added

I have put up a bunch of photos from my trip last summer to Europe. Destinations include Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland. Few images have meaningful titles or details yet, but check them out anyways! Photos

UF Flashmob Video

So, a friend here at UF started organizing flashmobs on campus. For anyone who doesnt know, a flashmob is a pre-determined mass gathering of people who, at a pre-determined time, do something random, like point at the sky while wearing a yellow dish glove. The people then disperse, leaving no trace. Anyways, the seventh mob […]

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Ninja'd Again

Ok, I added a new animation to the media page, go check it out – its my first stab at character animation. Also, in the next few months, expect to see a revamping of my website – I like the site as it is, but I think I could do more stream-lining of the back-end, […]

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Xbox 360, Ninjas, and Los Angeles

So, yeah. I submitted a video I made of me and a few other guys to the Hex 168 contest, and, well, we WON. So that means that all SIX of us get and Xbox 360, 3 games, a year of Xbox Live!, AND a fully paid-for trip to a launch event. This launch event […]

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