TED a Day

I absolutely Love TED. I think it might just be one of the greatest things on the web, and should be required viewing in every school. In fact, I could see an entire class devoted to watching and discussing TED talks. The variety of topics and level of prestige the presenters have is amazing, and just being exposed to the amazing work in a domain you are unfamiliar with is extremely beneficial, regardless of what you do.
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Crash and Burn

I went to update WordPress last night, and everything fell apart, heh. Thankfully, I was able to save most of my older posts and such, but pretty much all images, etc are gone. I will work on getting things set back up as soon as I can.

On The Appropriateness of Internet Content

In today’s Alligator (the UF newspaper), there was a column that talked about how the writer felt there needs to be regulations regarding the appropriateness of online videos. This is my response to that column – I emailed it to the Alligator to hopefully be posted at a letter to the editor, but as you can see, it’s kind of long…

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Colt Brennan vs. Tim Tebow

Or Why June Jones Should STFU

First, off, I want to say that Colt Brennan is a ridiculous quarterback. He is. His numbers are amazing, and he deserves the passing records he has set over the last few years. His skills will likely translate well to the pro level, and I will bet he has a good NFL career ahead of him. That said, I am sick of hearing people say that he is the best player in college football, and should win the Heisman.

Last week, Hawaii coach June Jones called out Tim Tebow, saying that he was “just a system quarterback” and that Tebow is the one who runs a “college system” while Brennan runs an”NFL style offense”. While it may be true that Hawaii’s offense does resemble more of an NFL style (passing) offense, and Florida’s spread is not something that would be run at the pro level, the question remains a big So What? The facts are June – this is, in fact, college. And I don’t think the ‘NFL system’ includes almost NEVER running the ball, either.

On the season, Hawaii’s top 2 rushers combined have a total of 94 carries. To compare that with some NFL teams, let’s look at a few examples. The New England Patriots, who are also currently undefeated, have also played 12 games. Through those 12 games, their top two rushers have combined for 203 carries. And New England is a pass-first offense. If we look at a more “traditional” NFL offense – the Pittsburgh Steelers – we see that the top two rushers combined for a total of 349 carries. So I don’t think we can call Hawaii’s offense an “NFL system”.

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New Photos!

Last weekend I went backpacking up in Georgia on the AT. We did about 21 miles, and the photos I took from the trip are now up in the photos section.

Projects Page (Hopefully) Fixed

Apparently, some people have been having issues finding my projects page, getting a 404 not found error when they try to access it from IE. I think I have fixed the issue – it appears that the newest IE does not default to a page named ‘index’ when given the URL of a folder, so I had to manually add the page to the link. If anyone still has problems, please send me an email so I can try to get it figured out ASAP.

Also, switch to Firefox – it is safer, faster, and since it actually meets W3C standards, it is significantly easier to design (better) web pages for.

Pyramis (Full Game)

Update: I removed the link to the files from this post – I am working on getting Pyramis up on its own page, which will have the game there. Check the projects page for further info

I have finally gotten around to uploading Pyramis for download from the site. Pyramis is a first-person adventure game developed by myself and three others as part of a semester-long production class in Spring 2007. You can download the files for play here. Just unzip the files to your hard drive and run either Pyramis.exe (win) or Pyramis.flv (mac/win). Note that this requires Flash 8 or above to run properly.

Crunch Time

Ah, the last week and a half of classes. Time for the last push for all of those huge projects that have kept me burning the midnight oil for the past month or two. I honestly can not wait for it to finally be done with. It helps that I think our game will be really awesome – even though it won’t be nearly as cool as we originally intended. Chalk one up for underestimating time schedules and amount of work. But for our first game ever, I think we did pretty darn good, and the learning experience was superb. I wish I could learn this much every semester. Well, if it means this much craziness every semester, maybe not…

Back to School

Ah – another week of class gone by, and it seems over so fast. I find that this is a double-edged sword, because while it is nice to seemingly have weekends all the time, the fact that the final deadlines for big projects keep getting a lot closer is a downside. But while I stress over trying to get things done, at least the Gators are owning people in the NCAA tourney. Downed Butler tonight, and even though the last few games we have not really played all that well (and in some – really really bad at times) and still manage to win (by more than last second shots – cough, cough, Ohio St twice) hopefully bodes well for us in the last few rounds. And on that note, I am really disappointed in the other SEC teams in left in the tourney. Tennessee should have beaten Ohio State, and I don’t know what cheerleader the ref was ogling at the end of the Georgetown-Vandy game to miss that HUGE traveling call. Last time I checked, when you plant a foot and pivot around for a little bit, you can’t just jump up and decide to change which foot is planted. On another note, I really hope that sometime in the next few games that Brett Swanson can get some court time. He is in my Multimedia Production class (the one where we make a video game), and he is really quite talented. Granted, this probably won’t happen unless we really put up a huge lead on someone, but it would be cool for him to be able to really play some in the tournament his senior year.

Testing 1,2,3…

So I am changing my site. Currently the goal is a complete overhaul, with the end product being powered by WordPress. Since it starts a new database for posts and such, I tried to move all of my previous news posts and such to the new system. A nice thing about not using my own system is that WP has nice archival features, so you can now go back and look at old stuff, even once it is off the front page.