Movie Review – 300

So I went to see the movie 300 this past Friday, and I thought I would put up my thoughts on the movie – kind of an informal review. I want to try to start doing this for most (if not all) movies I see. So this will hopefully be the first of many. Oh – and I’ll try to keep them short and to the point – no essays on film here, thank you very much.

300 is the movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel about the Battle of Thermopylae, in which a few thousand of soldiers from various city-states of Greece defended the Thermopylae pass against several million Persians. The title 300 comes from the fact that there were 300 Spartans in the battle, and the way the movie portrays it is that these 300 men were essentially the only major part of the force. The Spartans are led by Leonidas, the Spartan King (Gerald Butler), against the Persian god-king Xerces (Rodrigo Santoro).

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