A Word on Video Games

So I was reading a really good series of articles on Destructoid the other day, and it talks about some of the things that are wrong with video game ratings. And it got me thinking about Video Games as an art form. Granted, most games aren’t pieces of art — but then again, early films aren’t very good representations of art, since the medium was still in its infancy. I think video games have greatp potential to be one of the most inclusive art mediums ever. A well done game includes every other artform – storytelling, film (cinematography), music, drawing/painting, etc. Film similarly combines these things, which makes sense as it is the most recent of these mediums. Games, however, are interactive. Instead of one person deciding how the story will be presented to the audience, the audience is the one making decisions and changing the art. This changes the relationship between the art and the audience. Instead of a spectator to the art, the audience is a user of the art. The art becomes an extension of the audience.

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