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Another Site Update & What To See

I just finished a facelift on this site, and I have added a ton of new stuff. Most notably, I have put up a lot of new photos from the last few months. If you have never been here before and just want to learn some more about me – Kevin Dion – here are […]

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My rant about Internet published in Alligator

I guess I did make sense. My rant/argument/whatever about the Internet and regulation of it was printed in today’s Alligator. The published piece can be found on the Alligator’s website. Of course, you could also just read the original right here. Whatevs.

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Once More, with feeling

Three, baby. That’s three in a row for major championships in Florida. We beat you in sports – that’s just what we do around here. You want to dump the ball on your big man all game? Fine – we’ll hit threes all game. Oh, and thanks for blocking all those shots, the threes we […]

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New Site!

So I am going live with my ‘new’ site. It has a new look and feel, and I think overall it is a big improvement. Hopefully the new easier to use functions (writing posts, posting pictures) will help me update the site on a more regular basis, maybe even blog a little. So take a […]

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Busy Busy

So yeah, it has been a while since I last updated anything on the site, and it may be longer still. Why, you ask? because this semester I have lots, and LOTS of work due all the time. Plus it is football season (go Gators! – #5 4-0) so that leaves little time on weekends […]

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Merry Christmas!

Wow, so it has been a really long time since I posted anything new. I guess it was the fact that since my last post, there has been nothing but work (16 hours on Black Friday), school (finals – eck), and finally some relaxation (just got back from a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean […]

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Wow. (times 360)

So today the UPS man brought our beloved Xbox 360’s. All I can say is wow. Of course, I quickly tore open the box and got it all hooked up to my (unfortunately not HD) TV, and powered it up. I was blown away by how cool it is – and I still dont even […]

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