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FuelTrack is a simple gas purchase tracker, which stores all of your fuel purchases and uses that data to calculate your fuel efficiency. By keeping track of when you buy gas, along with how much, FuelTrack can tell you:

  • Your fuel efficiency since the last fill-up
  • Your overall average fuel efficiency
  • The average cost of gas per month
  • The estimated number of miles you drive per year

Use FuelTrack to figure out how much you should budget for gas, or just get a realistic idea of your actual fuel efficiency.
You could even use the data to see if you are over-estimating how much you drive per year – which could save you money on your car insurance (no cavemen or geckos necessary)!

The Story

FuelTrack was born out of something my dad used to do when I was growing up (and I suspect he still does it to this day). He kept a small notebook in his car, and every time he would buy gas, he would write down how much gas he bought, what it cost, and the mileage on the odometer. He had hundreds of data points in this little notebook, going back years. When I once asked him why he wrote all this stuff down, he told me that he could use it to keep a general idea of the fuel efficiency of the car over time. If the fuel efficiency started dropping, it could be an indicator of some larger problem, and he could look to get it fixed before something went really wrong.

Once I started driving on my own, I never really carried on the habit of writing all that stuff into a notebook since I usually forgot, or was just too lazy. However, one day I started tracking that data in a spreadsheet instead of a notebook, so that I could try to see more data than was readily apparent in just single purchases of gas. I would save the receipt from the gas purchase, and enter it into the spreadsheet once I got home to my computer. I could automatically track how much I was spending on gas per month, or which months I was doing the most driving, or how many miles a year I was putting on my car.

I wanted an easier way to track the data so I could enter it right when I was at the gas station – something that wouldn’t take too long so I wouldn’t forget. Using my phone was an obvious choice, but most of the apps that existed were either difficult to use, or had way too many features and it was overkill for what I needed. So I made FuelTrack to be a quick, simple way for me to track my fuel efficiency.


Screenshot of the main overview page
The main overview page

Screenshot of purchase entry
Entering a new purchase

Screenshot of the purchases list
Viewing all of your purchases

Get It

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