TED a Day

I absolutely Love TED. I think it might just be one of the greatest things on the web, and should be required viewing in every school. In fact, I could see an entire class devoted to watching and discussing TED talks. The variety of topics and level of prestige the presenters have is amazing, and just being exposed to the amazing work in a domain you are unfamiliar with is extremely beneficial, regardless of what you do.

I have known of TED for a while, when one of my friends would send me a a link to a particularly inspiring or engaging talk. Oddly, any time someone shares a TED talk, the comment usually goes something like this: “OMG you have to see this! it is AMAZING!”. And invariably, it was amazing, inspiring, and all of those other adjectives. What I did not realize until just a few days ago, however, was just how many talks there are – I didn’t realize that TED has been going on for decades, and they have an extensive back-catalog of archived videos (more than 700 to date). That is a lot of potential inspiration!

So in an effort to continue expanding my mind, I have decided to watch every single TED talk. While this may seem like a monstrous endeavor, I have found that at the very least over the last few days it has only taken a small change in my daily routine to knock out at least one talk a day, and usually a few more. At the moment I am working chronologically forward, going through the TED events starting from the earliest (1984) to the present.

So here’s to expanding my mind.