Presenting: SAAZenheimer Uberweizenbock Label

SAAZenheimer Uberweizenbock Label

This is the label I did up for the commemorative beer made specially for the 16th Commander SAAZ Interplanetary Homebrew Blastoff. The name: SAAZenheimer Uberweizenbock – a traditional style weizenbock brewed especially for the 2010 Interplanetary Homebrew Blastoff. SAAZ, of course, stands for the Space Coast Associates for the Advancement of Zymurgy – in other words the local homebrew club. Every year they host the Interplanetary Homebrew Blastoff, which is a national beer and mead competition.

I wanted to make a label that had a traditional feel, with blackletter styling and old-world flair. I also wanted it to have a good amount of extra detail since in the past they (SAAZ) have printed out the labels in letter size and given them as raffle prizes.