Hawaii Trip, Day 10: Honolulu Sights, Manoa Falls

Today we went into Honolulu to see some of the sights downtown. We went to a number of palaces downtown, such as King Kamehameha’s palace. We also found a really cool banyan tree to swing on!. But mostly, it was your basic sightseeing. Nothing super amazing – but it was neat to learn some more about Hawaii’s history. From Honolulu we drove over to Manoa Falls.

Manoa Falls is the second most popular hike on Oahu, after Diamond Head. This hike will take you through some intense jungle, which at times will make you think you are in Jurassic Park, or maybe Lost (which makes sense, since both were/are filmed in Hawaii). At least that is  how we felt – we kept jokingly warning everyone around: “don’t go into the tall grass!”. The falls itself – eh, it was okay. In 2002 there was a large rock slide that brought 30 tons of rocks down from 600 feet up the mountain, and the base of the falls is now littered with that rubble. When we were there, the waterfall itself was barely more than a trickle, leisurely coming down the cliff face. This waterfall is very tall – we figured it had to be at least 70-80 feet. Swimming is “prohibited”, which basically means that most people do it anyways, but you may get fined if caught. Also, not a place to jump into the water, since the pool is very shallow, and you can’t see the bottom. Also there really isn’t anywhere to jump from. Since we did this hike at the very end of the trip, and had seen so much cool stuff, we were not really “wowed” by this hike or the falls, but it was a nice easy trek (we all did it in sandals).