Hawaii Trip, Day 8: Ridge Hike, Lost Musings, and Pearl Harbor

Today everyone went on the Olomai Ridges Hike, which goes along a ridge between the mountains and the west coast. My legs were killing me from days of nonstop hiking (so it seemed to me), plus I wanted to just relax on the beach – I needed a one day vacation from my vacation! So the other guys, along with Daniel’s dad (who took they day off from work), went on the hike. The hike itself goes to three “peaks” along the ridge, and is very challenging. The first peak is the tallest of the three, but also the easiest to reach. The second and third are much more difficult, and there are many stories of people falling to their death while attempting it (seriously, apparently someone died the day before they went). They ended up doing just the first peak, and they had a lot of fun, and got some really great pictures. So since I can’t recount how the hike itself went, I want to mention some interesting things about this trip and the show Lost.

Lost is one of my favorite TV shows, with it’s mysterious storyline and confusing plot twists and turns. It is filmed for the most part on Oahu, and many of the cast members live in Kailua. It was really interesting how being on the island for just a few days changes the way I watch the show, and some of the things I now notice. For instance, in the first few seasons, the survivors carry around water in the large, 1.5L water bottles. I had never seen water bottles this big before, but they can be found at gas stations all over the island under the brand name “Hawaiian Isles Water” (new jingle we made up: “Hawaiian Isles Water, it’s water from Hawaii – yeah!”). Also, there are many times that certain landmass landmarks can be recognized – although they sometimes use shots of other islands for the far out island views. Locations such as the “Others’ village” along the road to Kaena Point, gave me an interesting look into the production of the show itself, and I find myself starting to notice how the show specifically shows you certain views. Or more specifically, how they don’t show you a whole lot. Another cool thing is that most of the hikes we took on the East side of the island (the wet side) have the same jungle feel as the locations in the show. Nothing earth-shattering, but kinda cool.

Once everyone returned from the hike, we went into Honolulu to visit Pearl Harbor. The museums and such at Pearl Harbor itself are all very interesting, moreso than I expected. There were a lot of veterans there, both American and Japanese. It was very sobering being right above the wreck of the USS Arizona, which you can still see right beneath the surface. There is also a wall with the names of everyone who died during the attacks. A very cool place. Once we left there, we drove along the west coast for a bit, seeing the tent villages. Because all of the beaches in Hawaii are public property, people have set up permanent tents and such on some of the beaches on the west side of the island.

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  1. I did the same hike! It’s so amazing, but it got extremely scary at the top. Definitely not for people who are afraid of heights. It looks like it was a nice day for your group, it started to rain when we got to the third peak, but it was brief. I can’t wait to do it again!

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