Back to School

Ah – another week of class gone by, and it seems over so fast. I find that this is a double-edged sword, because while it is nice to seemingly have weekends all the time, the fact that the final deadlines for big projects keep getting a lot closer is a downside. But while I stress over trying to get things done, at least the Gators are owning people in the NCAA tourney. Downed Butler tonight, and even though the last few games we have not really played all that well (and in some – really really bad at times) and still manage to win (by more than last second shots – cough, cough, Ohio St twice) hopefully bodes well for us in the last few rounds. And on that note, I am really disappointed in the other SEC teams in left in the tourney. Tennessee should have beaten Ohio State, and I don’t know what cheerleader the ref was ogling at the end of the Georgetown-Vandy game to miss that HUGE traveling call. Last time I checked, when you plant a foot and pivot around for a little bit, you can’t just jump up and decide to change which foot is planted. On another note, I really hope that sometime in the next few games that Brett Swanson can get some court time. He is in my Multimedia Production class (the one where we make a video game), and he is really quite talented. Granted, this probably won’t happen unless we really put up a huge lead on someone, but it would be cool for him to be able to really play some in the tournament his senior year.