Xbox 360, Ninjas, and Los Angeles

So, yeah. I submitted a video I made of me and a few other guys to the Hex 168 contest, and, well, we WON. So that means that all SIX of us get and Xbox 360, 3 games, a year of Xbox Live!, AND a fully paid-for trip to a launch event. This launch event is supposedly being held in the ‘Mojave Desert’, and our flight plans have us flying in to LA this Saturday (the 19th).

Now, what we all will get to do is spend 30 hours playing all of the launch titles, as well as see some new previews of games that will come out after the initial launch, and spend lots of time basking in Xbox goodness. Plus, we will all get a ‘unique Xbox gift’. So yeah, I’m excited. Check out our winning video on the Hex website, or view the full version here. Also be sure to check out the music video. Expect pictures of the consoles when we receive them, as well as LOTS of pics from the event itself.

Oh yeah…..and we get the 360’s and games SIX DAYS before the launch.