Wow. (times 360)

So today the UPS man brought our beloved Xbox 360’s. All I can say is wow. Of course, I quickly tore open the box and got it all hooked up to my (unfortunately not HD) TV, and powered it up. I was blown away by how cool it is – and I still dont even have any games! Thats right, the games somehow did not come today, since apparantly they were shipped separately from somewhere else. But I did get to play Hexic (a sweet game from the guy who made Tetris I think) and to see how well the 360 handles an iPod being plugged into it. Suprisingly, the iPod was instantly recognized, and there was no problem streaming the music. Also, the visualizer on the 360 is sweet. So, check out the pictures of it in the gallery, and hopefully in the next few days I will have some impressions of the 360 games.